Right Back At It: 3v3 Seed Weeks are here for Raptors Uprising GC

After a disappointing end to 5v5 Seed Weeks, Raptors Uprising GC are right back in action, this time on the 3v3 side.

Toronto will have all eyes on booking their place in 3v3 playoffs while looking to avoid having to play in the Steal Open.

To start things off, Raptors Uprising will take on Nets GC on Tuesday, July 19th.

Then, Toronto will square off against Gen.G (July 20th), Wizards District Gaming (July 22nd), Jazz Gaming (July 27th), and Lakers Gaming (July 28th).

Ultimately, the squad has been playing A LOT of 2K over the last couple weeks, but it’s safe to say that the games will keep coming thick and fast until the end of the season.

“It’s not the season anyone expected from us. Especially since I only came in for the last bit of it, I wish we could’ve got more out of the 5v5 side,” said Plondo after his team’s final 5v5 Seed Weeks game.

“We’ve gotta go into the 3v3 side mentally strong. Hopefully we can do that and it will translate onto the court.”

In both the Slam and Switch Opens, Toronto failed to advance to bracket play, highlighting that consistency in 3v3 with regards to results has indeed been a bit of struggle for FantaSZN and co.

The end of the Switch Open saw Raptors Uprising begin to turn heads as they narrowly missed out on a place in Indy despite claiming victory in their final two series against Heat Check Gaming and Team Smoke.

Having ended their last 3v3 tournament on a high with two wins out of two, Toronto can head into Seed Weeks with their heads held high.

“We’re going to try some more lineups, probably some different ones we haven’t seen before,” said Plondo when asked about 3v3 Seed Weeks.

Raptors Uprising GC’s first series of 3v3 Seed Weeks, against Nets GC, is scheduled for Tuesday, July 19th against Nets GC, with Game 1 set for 9:00 pm EST.