Raptors Uprising GC opens regular season on Saturday

Raptors Uprising GC will be looking to bounce back from a disappointing TIPOFF tournament this weekend as they open up their regular season with a pair of marquee matchups.

The boys will begin the day at noon with a matchup against Mavs Gaming. The highly anticipated battle between Kenny and the first overall pick Dimez at the point will be one to watch. Mavs gaming finished tied for 5th place at the TIPOFF.

RUGC will close out the day with a game against Celtics Crossover Gaming. CLTX had a strong TIPOFF tourney finishing with a record of 3-1. but they were unlucky to not make it into the playoff rounds.

You can catch all of the action live on the RaptorsGC Twitch channel and be sure to follow the team on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with all things RUGC.