Raptors Uprising announce Scout the North

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Raptors Uprising GC is scouting top Canadian talent for the 2020 NBA 2K League Draft. The Scout the North 5v5 Pro-Am tournament is open exclusively to teams of Canadian players and takes place on Sunday, November 10th. Tournaments will take place on both PS4 and Xbox One platforms.The entire tournament will take place online administer by WorldGaming Network.

One player from the winning team will be selected for the draft pool (subject to passing the NBA’s eligibility requirements). The winning team will also take home a prize pool of $1,000 CAD ($200 per player).

Each team is required to have at least one player streaming during tournament matches on Twitch.tv, and Raptors Uprising GC pro players Kenny Got Work and Sick x 973 will provide play-by-play coverage and analysis on the Raptors Uprising team Twitch channel. The tournament features a double elimination bracket, but the format is subject to change pending the number of team registrations.