KingQuai614 does it for his family

Seanquai “KingQuai614” Harris is first and foremost a family man.

His daughter Nalani turns four in April, and it is to her that KingQuai devotes his time away from NBA 2K.

“My offseason was all about spending time with my daughter and developing my bond with her,” KingQuai said. “Once you lose time away from her, it definitely hurts.”

The NBA 2K League season is a grind, and being away from his family is no easy compromise to make. Daily FaceTimes, calls, and a constant stream of pictures serve as their connection during the season. The demands of life in the league are great, but KingQuai makes sure to take as much time as he can to stay connected.

“I just talk to her as much as possible, that’s the only way I can really see her,” he said. “I miss hugging her, that real presence. It’s bittersweet.”

This year, thankfully, the schedule is less rigid. Each team has three bye weeks, including a league-wide bye week over the fourth of July, and KingQuai plans to visit home as much as possible.

“Trying to grow up, be a better man, be a better father, you have to balance that with being away for five, six months,” KingQuai said.

The time with his family allowed him to refocus his career and rejuvenate himself after the grind of the season. He returns to the Raptors Uprising roster for season two with a greater sense of purpose and a greater sense of security after starting last season as the sixth man.

“I think I’m bringing more patience this year,” he said. “Just realizing this is a big moment and that you can’t take anything for granted.”

While he’s more patient, KingQuai has no plans to rely on another miraculous 7-1 run this season. His insertion into the starting lineup at center played a key role in the team’s turnaround, especially his frontcourt balance with Trevion “All Hail Trey” Hendrix and his pick-and-roll chemistry with Kenneth “Kenny” Hailey.

“Chemisty is something you can’t teach; you either have it or you don’t,” he said. “We have each other’s backs, no matter what we’re doing.”

KingQuai is one of four Uprising players returning for season two, part of a core that makes Raptors Uprising one of the most experienced squads in the league. He grew particularly close with Joshua “TsJosh” McKenna in the lead-up to draft, before the Raptors drafted the two again in 2019. The new guys aren’t all that new, either; he played All-Star Team-Up with Georgio “Slim” Bonte over the offseason, and he’s played Pro-Am with Freddie “Doza” Mendoza since he first entered the competitive Pro-Am scene.

For KingQuai, the chemistry that he possesses with his Raptors teammates is more familial than collegial. He knows that he has a brotherhood in Toronto, and it’s one he kept in mind throughout the offseason. But it’s a family very different from the one living at home. His NBA 2K League journey has been about learning to bind those two together.

He knows that this family is worthwhile. He’ll see Nalani on bye weeks, and he hopes to even bring her to Toronto for a weekend. His heart doesn’t have to be split:, Nalani is rooting for him, and that makes everything worth it.