FORD FAST BREAK Raptors Uprising Sim Series Rules

1. Viewers of the livestream on will be able to vote once per livestream for the Raptors Uprising player they think will win the racing competition (fastest lap) and guess the fastest lap time.

2. Viewers will enter their vote and guess through the Twitch chat function in the format ! , e.g. !Kenny 1:06, no viewers can guess the same combination of faster player and lap time; if two or more viewers guess the same fastest player and lap time the first viewer to submit their guess first will be eligible, the other viewers will be asked to submit new guesses.

3. Every viewer’s guess will be recorded manually by MLSE staff to review and determine the winner(s)/placement (one guess per viewer per livestream; a viewer’s first guess will be their official submission, any additional guesses will not be eligible).

4. Each viewer will earn 1 point for guessing the correct player who has the fastest lap; the viewer who guesses the correct (or closest to) the fastest lap will earn 5 points, the viewer who guesses the second closest to the fastest lap will earn 3 points, and the viewer who guesses the third closest to the fastest lap will earn 1 point. If a viewer that predicts both the correct player and the fastest lap (or closest to) will earn a 2x multiplier on their total score, i.e. 12 points.

5. There will be three total livestream events viewers can participate in and a leaderboard that will be updated to show the viewer rankings.

6. At the end of the third (final) event, the viewer with the highest point score will win an LG 27” Gaming Monitor.

7. In the event of a tie, the winner of the 27” Gaming Monitor will be selected based on the criteria below

Tie breaker 1: Viewer who correctly guessed the fastest player the most times across each of the race event livestreams.

Tie breaker 2: Viewer who has the lower cumulative lap time variance across all three racing events. E.g. if a viewer is 10 seconds off of the actual lap time in livestream 1, and 5 seconds off of the actual lap time in livestream 2, and 3 seconds off of the actual lap time in livestream 3, their cumulative lap time variation would be 18 seconds (10 + 5 + 3). In the case that a viewer does not submit a guess for any of the three livestream events, they will automatically receive a 2 minute penalty to their total cumulative lap time.